Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wild Tee Shirt Trends And One Great Idea!

When most of think of tee shirts we think about the 3 for $10 kind, or maybe something that reads, "My Parents went to Florida and all I got was this tee shirt." 

Well how about a tee shirt that displays lighted messages:

The fun T-sketch T-shirt lets your write any message or display any logo or picture on your chest with a cool illumination effect.  What you write or draw on the integrated chest display is automatically converted into an illuminated message or design of which you can adjust the intensity.  Imagine, you can walk around displaying your latest YouTube video!

The Music-ed T-shirts are iPod/mp3 music T-shirts that are earphone equipped to allow for easy listening of any portable multimedia player like iPods, MP3 players, multimedia mobile such as DVD players, portable radios, etc. The T-shirts, which are customized, are individually hand printed, so no two garments will be the same. The Music-ed T-shirts from Music and Sons also come with a special short earphones and an integrated connection cable and they are produced by Music and Sons.

Maybe you spend too much time on the internet and can't seem to "hook up" in real life, well, then you need a Friend Finder!  To program the Friend Finder, users enter desirable personality traits onto a portable device using a PC as the medium for that transfer. The device is then plugged into an LED-equipped Friend Finder bag or tee shirt, where it will light up as soon as someone with similar personality preferences comes within 30 feet of you. The wearable Friend Finder was created by New Media students at the University of Maine. While it was created for matchmaking purposes, I could also see a more subtle variant of their e-shirt technology applied to trade shows and business events to facilitate networking.

Are you a techie? Is your significant other into tech too? Then you need to score this clever pair of T-shirts and light up your love this Valentines.  If you are separated by a few feet, 2 1/2 hearts will light up. But when you get within hugging distance, the pixelated hearts on the 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt will power up to a full charge.
Feel the power of love and show the world that geeks can be lovers too.

If you truly believe we are a "wired" society then you have to get this shirt:  It detects wireless connections and lights up to let you know when you found one!

Wireless internet… where would we be without it? You don’t have to go far these days to find it, but until Wi-Fi is everywhere, this t-shirt can help out tremendously (as well as score some points with fellow nerd-friends.) This glowing, animated tee detects 802.11b or 802.11g signals and displays the strength directly on the front of the shirt.

Another muscial tee shirt with a battery pack and a speaker included!
But the real trend for tee shirts is something called a "Pop Up" Shop:
"The surprise factor of certain products or services is usually what makes the merchandise being sold that much more yearned for. In the case of pop-up shops, businesses are looking to give consumers both a surprise and a limited time to exclusively shop at a specific location, making their brand that much more sought after. This will definitely make the products they are selling more appealing to their brand-loyal customers around the world."
McDonald's in Japan sponsored one such shop and you can read about it here!  Its a great way to add another dimension to the concept of branding and it allows for the integration of an internet based brand into a variety of "brick and mortar" situations!

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