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Weltanschauung, which translates to how one sees the world and their place in the world, or as a world view; philosophy of life; a framework through which to interpret the world.  Having lived and traveled all over the world, I can personally attest to the fact that the understanding of the concept of 'weltanschaunng' is critical in a globalized world, or a world that is getting smaller.

We like to believe that doing business in foreign countries is just a matter of speaking the language but the reality is its a lot more complex than that!

Think about it!  Think about communications in our own country, because the reality is that you can also find the concept of a world view in the differences between people who are conservative vs. those who are liberal in their political beliefs.  You also are acknowledging the existence of different world views when you talk about 'southerners,' 'northerners,' or an 'east coast mentality' versus a 'west coast mentality.'

I thought about "weltanschaunng" while reading the following quote, “I started thinking that I wanted to do something more important with my business than worry just about winning market share."

Yes, the idea that an individual can breakout of a stereotypical mold, of a businessman, and conceive of an idea that is radically different from the norm is also an intregral part of the concept of 'weltanschaunng.'
That quote was attributed to Joe Bozich, owner of Knights Apparel, and winner of the 2010 Huffington Post Game Changer of the Year for Style.  Apparently, Joe has expanded his very successful sports licensing business to include making sweatshop free tee shirts and sweats for college bookstores.  He pays his employees three and half times minimum wage and has allowed the workers to unionize all the while not raising his base price!  Apparently university leaders are ecstatic, and the United Students Against Sweatshops are actively supporting this endeavor! 

You can read more about this here

"Take Pride In Clothes That Make A Difference." 

I produce a line of big and tall tee shirts and they are very expensive; for which I offer no apologies.  Our shirts are made well, of high quality fabric, and our shirts last a long time!  Now, I sell to a market that views quality as a value.  Now, this does not mean that I do not have retailers who claim that they can get pocket tees for $3.00; I can give them the phone numbers of those manufacturers!  But I know that every month I am gaining retailers and taking away consumers from the really big retailers who produce their own label of goods; and 87% of all consumers who try our product end up purchasing from us again!

"Take Pride In Clothes That Make A Difference."  

Such a simple but profound catch phrase, but one that you cannot help but want to get behind!  I hope you visit their site here and make sure your college and or alma mater is supporting this project.  Or you can visit here and have your own shirts screen printed! 

Now, Knight Apparel is the top manufacturer of collegiate apparel in the world and with over 350 college books stores already committed to this new concept success is pretty much assured.  But, success is not one of profitability, as that is pretty much assured but rather sustainability. 

"I wanted to do something more important with my business than worry just about winning market share..."  The reality is that Joe will do something important with his business, gain market share, and make a profit; but that one simple thought, a world view where he believed he could make a difference will have quite an impact on the apparel industry for years to come.

Take pride in actions that make a difference.

To me that is a world view.  It does not have to be a big action; but it should be consistent action, action in everything that you do.  We buy so many tee shirts and never once do we wonder how they are made or where.  We support so many causes to improve the world, and honestly we can achieve the same goals just by paying attention to the products that we purchase. 

I know where my products are made because I have been there, many times.  I know that the next product line we develop will be made in the USA!  I know that I am making a difference, while winning market share and making a profit!

All you have to do is look at the world and your place in it and you can find all sorts of ways to be a change agent! 

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