Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patience And Passion

I have never been a big fan of motivational speakers; but Gary Vaynerchuk is different!

I just do not understand why people do not take the concept of patience and passion to everything in their lives!  Lets be honest, all of us spend most of our waking hours at work and if you do not enjoy what you do at work then you might need to think about what is wrong with your perspective of life rather than seeking a career change!

Life without risks or challenges is a passionless life.  Sometimes you have to establish your own challenges and risk; sometimes you have to be your own competition.

A well lived life is a culmination of a journey of numerous peaks and valleys; patience and passion makes it possible to appreciate the peaks and press on through the valleys.  Sometimes the valleys seem to never end, trust me I know!

Nothing worthwhile comes easy….

I remember at 21 finding myself in Saudi Arabia being introduced to my staff:  A 150 men from a variety of different countries and I was the only westerner.  I spent the first three months being frustrated by the fact that they all waited on me to tell them what to do and at the same time they paid absolutely no attention to my instructions!  With patience you learn to observe, to learn, and to grow.  With passion you will always seek success and you are willing to adapt to a situation so to be successful.

Challenges are just opportunities to observe, to learn, and to grow.  With patience and passion challenges become nothing more than opportunities and opportunities are just the front door to success.

I have never sought an opportunity or a job where I was an ideal fit; that's too easy!  If its easy then its not worthwhile!

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