T Shirts On Tuesday

Yes, I am a t shirt fanatic as it is my living, and I always say, "If you are going to do something then be damn good at it!"  Now, my personal wardrobe is basically jeans and button down dress shirts usually with the sleeves rolled up as that is just a throwback to when finding shirts with sleeves long enough was impossible to do.  

Over the course of the last 25 years I have seen all sorts of trends and fads; and I have decided to share this information in a weekly column, "T Shirts On Tuesday" which will premier on Tuesday, July 19th.  Being new to blogging I realize now that Blogger only allows for one active page and all others are static; so I have a real problem!  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to email me!

The focus of this series will be to discuss t shirts, to discuss screen printing, to attempt to explain the past so to better grasp the future;  the desire is to inform the consumer, to educate businesses to what t shirts and embellishment can do for them, and to assist those currently in the industry be more successful!  

One thing that is great about this industry is that the average American owns 26 t shirts, and there is always room in the drawer for one more!

If you have a particular topic in regards to t shirts and or their embellishment please let me know!

     Part 1:  The T Shirt
     Part 2:  Success With Tees
     Part 4:  March - Tee Madness
     Part 4:  Threadless Becomes A Brand
     Part 5:  An Indie Superstore