Saturday, May 21, 2011


One of the most fascinating aspects of the Web 2.0 experience is that it tears down the walls around a company, a product, and or a brand.  There is a new app out for iphones called Instagram which basically is a way to take a photo, filter it to transform the look and feel, and then sent it to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr; its basically photo sharing, reinvented!

Now, some very visionary companies/brands have taken to this technology in a big way:  Like Threadless and Starbucks to name two!

While there is no web interface, but there are solutions currently available and its just a matter of time before Instagram has their own up and running.

This is really an awesome opportunity for smaller companies to get creative with their social media programs.  Have new product that you want to get out to your customers?  Why not have a contest that involves photos of your product?  It opens a whole new layer of interactivity in marketing; and with the eventual web interface you have another whole virtual community in which to attract consumers and or retailers.   

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