Friday, May 20, 2011

Be The Change

I just received my annual letter from the Social Security Administration and it dawned on me that I have been working since 1972!  Since I am 53 that would have been back when I was 14; obviously there were no social security taxes taken out of my pay from my newspaper route which I started back in 1970.

I guess that makes me old....

Funny thing is, I don't feel old and I definitely cannot be accused of thinking old.  In fact I have nieces and nephews who are now in college and they come to me all the time in their search to make sense out of things and or in their search for the "cutting edge."

Maybe I like change....

Maybe since I was a 'military brat' during most of my childhood I came to embrace change and maybe I grew up with the perspective that the 'unknown' could be something to look forward to?

The concept of 'constant improvement' seems so natural to me!  The idea that there must be a better way, an improved way, never seemed like 'thinking outside the box' but rather seemed to be the natural evolution of everything in life. 

But what seems so natural to me, must not be all that normal;  I can remember getting a part time job in high school and or college and before I knew it I was being promoted to assistant manager and then manager.  I remember my senior year in college and being informed that I needed to get involved in clubs and groups (as if being on an athletic scholarship and starting varsity for four years wasn't enough) so I went out and joined and ran for the presidency of the political science club and won!  Then I decided that the club needed more funds so I ran for student senate, won, and then got myself appointed to the budget committee.

I remember a job at a convenience store where I worked third shift and within the first three months I found myself being told that I had to become a manager because it was time I "...put my money where my mouth was...." then before you knew it I was being sent to all their worst performing stores to clean then up.

I remember working in Saudi Arabia, where I was quite a bit younger than my coworkers, but before you knew it I came to be referred to as "The Kid."  Like, when there would be a problem they all would chime "...get The Kid!"

I cannot help but believe that challenges are nothing more than opportunities; once you look up to the rearview mirror of life.

Its always been real hard for me to talk about what I have done because I don't dwell on the past but rather always seem to focus on what I want to do in the future.

Be the change....

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