Sunday, March 4, 2012

Half Time In America,,,,

Whenever a discussion begins about the future it always includes technology, the internet, start ups and entrepreneurship.

It also seems that the focus ends up being on Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston.

Its as if the future belongs to the two coasts and the great vast land mass between the coasts will be left in the past.  

Then you find that Detroit, the city that most of us believe is boarded up, decaying, and nothing more than a collection of crumbling buildings is actually one of the fastest growing centers for technology start ups in the United States!

What makes Detroit special?  Maybe its because the city and its citizens knew they had nowhere to go but up?  But, if anything the following articles about the start up revolution in Detroit not only prove that the future can belong to any city or town willing to put out the effort, and Detroit provides a road map of how to embrace a technology renaissance:

          Start Up City USA

Most cities seek to support their existing businesses and or attract existing businesses from other locales to populate their industrial parks.  But the reality is the future belongs to those communities, both big and small, who find a way to break with the traditions of the past and seek to create a culture of innovation.  

Most local communities depend on a Chamber of Commerce and or a some quasi official economic development group both of which operate on traditional principles of creating economic growth which do not foster opportunities and innovation.  An analysis of Detroit offers the following roadmap for changing the existing pattern:

The reality is the future belongs to those communities that create a culture of innovation, regardless of their size, demographics, or geography.

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