Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Innovation - Commercializing Art

If you have been in tee shirts and apparel any length of time you naturally development relationships with artists and I have known some really awesome artists.

There was a time with screen printed tees could be sold wholesale at $9 to $10 each and the market could not get enough of these lines; it was the golden era for artists and lines of screenprinted tees.

From time to time I am contacted by artists with a line of tee shirt art and a contract for royalties, oh, and I think how 20th century!

Then you find an artist that is using the internet in new and exciting ways to promote and sell their art.  My favorite is TEKSTartist and here is a sample of his art:

A few years ago I stumbled upon a company called, I Wear Your Shirt, which was such a wacky idea that you just knew it would be a big hit, and what started as one guy promoting your product via wearing your tee shirts and promoting it on social media has now become a full fledged company.

Well, TEKSTartist has adopted the same business model for himself and his art:

Its great to see people allowing the opportunity that the internet and social media provides to lead them to embrace the opportunity in new ways.  It seems that we continue to want to have technology conform to our old ways of doing things rather than allowing it to create new ways of doing old things.

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