Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Would Rather Be Lucky....

"I would rather be lucky than good..." is a claim I have made a few hundred time in my life!  It seems to grab people's attention and it always gets a response.

The reality is luck does not exist; its actually nothing more than a poor word choice for what we refer to when we finally achieve success through hard work and persistence.

There is no such thing as " overnight success."

Its kind of like the word 'persistence' which sometimes is used because it sounds better than what we really mean, which is "stubbornness."

Chance can only exist in a world where "success has many fathers while failure is an orphan."  If one does not own up to their failures then success can only be derived from chance and the key difference between persistence and stubbornness is actually nothing more than the ability to listen and learn.

My favorite quote is one that comes with every single mutual fund, "Past Performance is not indicative of future results."

Yes, I would rather be lucky than good, I would rather rely on hard work, persistence, listening, and learning than I would on skill, which is nothing more than the accumulation of the results of past performance.

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